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This site will help you with everything from where to find trophy fish to reviews of some of the top fishing destinations in the United States and Canada. We’ll review what lures are working, what you should pack for your trip and how to submit your catch for a Master Angler designation. We’ll help you with the resources and tools to catch that trophy fish and get the recognition you deserve.

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Featured Master Anglers

Justin Yax

“Beautiful Deschutes steelhead on a black articulated leech fly”

Tricia Benner and her fish

Tricia Benner

“Trophy Rainbow, No. Cal”

Mike Fowler and his fish

George Jaynes

“43in beauty”


Review: Arctic Lodges

In mid-August a group of 7 anglers threaded our way through the Canadian Covid process to become the first American’s to set foot at Arctic Lodges in the last two years! 

Arctic Lodges is located on Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. Reindeer Lake is the 24th largest la …

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Beautiful lake with lots of fish and mixed results

Review: Rainy Lake (MN)

We fished Rainy Lake in Northern Minnesota June 23rd to 26th and had mixed to disappointing results.

The lake is massive, covering an area of over 350 miles with many islands, bays and rivers. The 900 miles of shoreline is beautiful with summer homes and campgrounds spotted around the lake.  The U.S./Canadian border splits the lake and due to the Canadian Border closing due to Covid-19, we were unable to venture on the Canadian side of the …

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